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Govt to beef up london train station security aft더킹카지노er London Bridge terror attack

‘A very powerful police officer’

Witnesses described a “very powerful” officer from the Metropolitan Police who was on hand at the scene, who went by the name of Kevin D’Arcy.

Witness Michael Hodge said: “He’s been there, seen the incident. He is a very powerful police officer.

“He is looking straight at you, he’s watching you. He doesn’t go by name, he goes by his badge.

“He’s a big guy, he’s very fit, it’s quite a small man. He’s got a pair of headphones on, but he’s sitting down on a bench in front of the whole train.

“It must have taken him about 20 minutes.”

Teezee, from Clapton, said he was on the train with his three children when he heard the attack.

He said: “We heard shouting. It was absolutely horrendous, we thought someone had just blown it up.

“Everyone thought they were heading to work or something.”

He added: “We saw this really huge police officer on the platform and we thought ‘That man is going to do something’.

“My wife’s friend was sitting next to me and we didn’t know what had happened. It happened so fast.

“It was very sad. I couldn’t think of any words or anything.”

Image copyright PA Image caption The attack happened on the first of two attacks

Det Insp Chris Rowley, of West Midlands Police, said: “This was a serious incident and one of our thoughts is to bring any offenders to justice.

“This was a very challenging and distressing incident for us. There were dozens of emergency services, police vans, ambu바카라사이트lances and others involved.

“We바카라 would like to thank the public, with help from CCTV and other devices, who kept us at the scene, which was absolutely critical.

“The public will be offered a full statement about the incident and how we dealt with it as a community – they will be taken to meet our colleagues from Scotland Yard in Tower Hamlets to provide an insight into the incident.”

An IPCC spokeswoman said: “A man from Clapton, West Midlands, was involved in a stabbing on the London Bridge train when he fell, causing injuries. Police received reports of a man shouting a terrorist “get ready, get ready, get ready”.

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