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Collinsville connect coordinator sue clark on new pit pony car.

“The pit ponies were very enthusiastic when we showed them a video of what the vehicle would look like,” said Bob Kaczynski, president of the Clatsop Township Assn.

Buy Photo John Braw, director of the Clatsop Township Assn. in Clatsop, has sued two towns in Clatsop for having abandoned a horse barn they had abandoned for use as a pony car pit, a claim that Clatsop officials had denied. (Photo: WILLIAM LUTHER CORBETT/THE NEWS JOURNAL)

“When we looked at the video we saw our barn was abandoned, and we were told that, according to state law, horses are exempt from tax, and there was nothing we could do about that,” Braw said.

Braw said the Clatsop Township has been fighting for years to get its historic townhouses and several surrounding houses cleared for a new pit pony car racing series.

The company was hired two years ago to manage the “Tuscaloosa” racing series.

The Clatsop company has been trying to clear any track space in downtown Clatsop to create the new track space.

Buy Photo John B더킹카지노raw, director of the Clatsop Township Assn., talks about the Clatsop Pony Car. (Photo: WILLIAM LUTHER CORBETT/THE NEWS JOURNAL)

“We knew that there was potential here but that there was not all that much space available,” Braw바카라사이트 said. “So with all the attention being paid in the city to the horse barns downtown, it was hard to have this much interest.”

But after the racing series took place in February of this year, Clatsop Township members, and the city of Clatsop, saw that the barn was going바카라 to need repairs, he said.

In recent months, Braw and others have seen the barns in downtown Clatsop empty, Braw said. And he said that once they realized it was their horse barn that was being left out, they sent an email to the town, and the mayor, asking the town to fill the space.

A town spokeswoman said she did not know what to make of the Clatsop Pony Car project, as the video only showed the concept car.

“That’s the beauty of this: We got to have a real-deal raceca

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